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Fantasy Football Insurance!!

What started out as something for people to just have fun following NFL Football has now turned into something far more serious than ever expected. In fact, some people are questioning whether the new NFL rules enacted this year have something to do with the big business of fantasy football, in which the grand prize is $100,000 or more in some leagues. The big question is ‘do you need fantasy sports insurance’?

Fantasy Football As A Business

o Expected to have more than 33 million players this year

o Expected to do more than 11 billion in revenue which is more than the NFL

What Is Fantasy Football Insurance?

o Most leagues have an entry fee of $100 to $250, but some are in the thousands.

o You can spend roughly 10% of your entry fee to protect your top player(s). i.e.- $20 for a $200 league fee. If they miss more than a certain amount of fames, you can recoup your entry fee and possibly research expenses.

How Does It Work Exactly?

o If your player misses 9 games of a sixteen game season, you can generally collect.

o Some policies, if two players miss a sum between them of 14 games, you can collect.

Is It Worth It For The Money?

o Like any insurance, you are spending money to protect the risk.

o You can buy through MiniCo ( and NetQuote (


Ted Jenkin is a frequent guest columnist for the Wall Street Journal and Headline News Weekend Express. He is the co-CEO of oXYGen Financial. You can follow him on LinkedIn @ or on Twitter @tedjenkin.

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